Carvor’s Fish House

Hours: Monday – Friday 11AM – 5 PM for lunch, open until 6 PM for prepared items to-go.

Saturday-Sunday 11AM – 4 PM for lunch, open until 5 PM for prepared items to-go.

Call us with any questions! (727)-754-4240

Where did Carvor’s originate?

Carvor’s Fish House opened in June of 2018 as an expansion of Jensen Brother’s Seafood. Carvor’s has all sorts of prepared dishes as well as serves lunch every day! We are located at 907 Douglas Avenue (directly adjacent to Jensen Brother’s) and operates everyday of the week. Lunch is served 11-5 PM throughout the week, and 11-4 PM on the weekends! We also have packaged beer and bottles of wine, which you can enjoy on the porch or take it to go!




We offer platters as well! We have prepared items for parties, birthdays, and even weddings! Call us if there is something you are looking for. We price the seafood by the pound, and then add a small fee for plating and prepping the platters! Call us anytime with questions (727)-754-4240.


Stop by or call in yours today!


We are open! We are so excited to introduce Carvor’s Fish House by Jensen Brother’s Seafood. It is an expansion of our retail, and one of John Jensen’s many dreams. He is so thrilled to have the doors finally open. We offer packaged beer and wine, a variety of produce, various prepared dishes and much more. We are open Mon-Fri 10-5pm and Sat-Sun 10-4pm.

It is located directly adjacent to Jensen Brother’s Seafood. The address for Carvor’s is 907 Douglas Avenue, Dunedin Florida.


We are still experimenting with our menu and our items. Come on in!!!