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Amberjack — Florida Amberjack has darker meat and high oil content. It has a great flavor when broiled or grilled.  Cooks up white and flakes well.

Bass, Chilean Sea — Chilean Sea Bass is caught off the coast of South America. Due to high oil content, it’s excellent when grilling, baking or broiling. Chilean Sea Bass, a snow white fillet, has large flakes, is tender, moist and has a mild flavor.

Catfish – “farmed” in Mississippi.  This fish is white, flakey, and mild.  It is great fried, grilled or baked.

Cobia — Bears a striking resemblance to a shark. It’s texture is soft and moist with a nice white flake. It can be served fried, poached or pan sauté. Excellent and delicious!

Cod, Atlantic — Caught off the coast of Iceland and flown by jet to the U.S., Atlantic Cod is lean, has flaky texture with a mild delicate flavor.

Corvina — Caught off the Pacific coast of South American, Corvina is a mild flavored and firm textured fish. Taste like a cross between Mahi and Snapper. A Latin favorite!

Flounder — Flounder fillets are thin and small with a milky color that cooks up white. The mild delicate taste of Flounder is sweet and has a delicate texture with small flakes. Sauté, poach or stuff.

Grouper, Red — The domestic species caught off the coast of Florida is white and lean with a mild sweet flavor. Red Grouper meat is firm with a heavy flake and remains moist after cooking. Make the famous Fried Grouper sandwich!

Haddock, Atlantic — Caught off the coast of Iceland and flown to the U.S., Atlantic Haddock has a lean white meat. The meat cooks up very white and has a delicate and slightly sweet taste. The texture is firm, tender and has a finer flake than Cod. Fillets are skin-on.

Halibut — Halibut meat is firm and very white. It has a mild taste and is very lean. This fish can be cooked in any manner, but when over cooked, it can easily dry out.

Mahi-Mahi — This tropical fish is very popular. The raw meat is pinkish to off white in color and has a mild taste similar to tuna or swordfish. The meat has a finer texture and large flakes. Grill, fry or bake.

Monk Fish — The tail of the Monk Fish is the only part used. Known as “Poor Man’s Lobster”. The tail is firm, dense and boneless. It has a mild sweet flavor and cooks up white in color. Bake or grill and serve with melted butter for dipping.

Mississippi Catfish - farmed in Mississippi. Catfish is flaky and has a mild flavor.  Great grilled with seasoning, panfried, or battered and deep fried.

Moutain Trout — farmed in the mountains of Andrews, NC, packed in ice and shipped fresh to us.  North Carolina trout is flaky and has a mild delicate flavor. Serve with lemon, butter and parsely. Pan sauté or grill.

Salmon, Atlantic — Farm-raised Salmon has a flesh color that can range from red to orange, but cooks up a light red. Salmon flavor is mild to taste, slightly oily, but moist with large flakes.

Snapper, Red — The raw meat of Red Snapper is white with a pinkish tinge and always has the red color skin. Red Snapper is mildly sweet with a lean, firm moist texture. Fillets are skin-on.

Swordfish — This prized fish has a flesh color that will vary from pink, white, gray, orange with diet. Beige when cooked, Swordfish steaks are lean, slightly sweet and firm. Grill this one!

Tilapia — A farm-raised fresh water fish, Tilapia fillets are white with a pinkish tinge. Similar to Snapper or Flounder, the flavor is mild and distinctive. The texture is lean, firm and moist.

Wahoo — One of the fastest swimming fish, Wahoo, called Ono in Hawaii, fillets are long and slender. Off-white to pinkish in color, Wahoo cooks up very white and has a firm, lean, distinctive flesh. Do not over-cook!

Tuna, Yellow Fin — The “Beef Steak of the Sea”, Yellow Fin Tuna has a flesh color that is ruby-red to slightly lighter in color, but cooks up off-white. A mild flavorful taste and firm meat is ideal for grilling.


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